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Easter Basket Rally

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

It has been over one year since COVID reared her ugly germ spikes. Community events and holiday gatherings were cancelled with only daydreaming of socialization allowed. Our neighboring nonprofit organization, Worthington Park, had had enough and put out a beacon for help to deliver some necessary Easter cheer to our more vulnerable community members. Quilcene Harbor Yacht Club heard their cry and answered loudly!

Overwhelming support from the club and club members poured in. Significant financial contributions were donated by Clayton Swanson, Jory and Mary Ihlen, and Kori Ward & Marcia Dean. While more creative members, Frank & Sharon Redmon (really, I think it was all Sharon 😉) meticulously curated two special baskets filled with slippers, umbrellas, magazines, Easter themed towels, and of course the highly coveted chocolate bunny. Let’s face it, it isn’t Easter without the chocolate bunny!

Lastly, Renee Ward graciously accepted the honor of curating a personalized Easter basket on behalf of the entire club for the club’s adopted basket recipient, Lorna Ward. The basket was so special, handling with care was required due to the beautiful Easter dish that was barely visible behind the mounds of treats and colorful Easter egg wrapping. A quick gentle jostle proved the mouthwatering delectable sweets were secure—disappointing as dark chocolate is my favorite!

Upon delivery of the baskets, Worthington Mansion was buzzing with activity as other community organizations and citizens dropped off colorful bow topped baskets and basket fillers such as garden seeds, whimsical bunny ears and spring planters. The occasion was heartwarming to see Quilcene’s community contributing and working together to deliver such wonderful cheer to people’s doorsteps. Many spirits were lifted, and smiles shared to give and receive baskets on this day. Basket delivery drivers reported witnessing an outpouring of joyous tears shed in thankfulness of the thoughtful gesture.

It has been a hard year for everyone, and Quilcene Harbor Yacht Club was able to contribute to an amazing charitable act of kindness pouring a generous amount of cheer into the hearts of residents.

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