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History of Quilcene Harbor Yacht Club

The Hood Canal, Dabob and Quilcene bays, tucked in tight to the Olympic Mountains, has been one of the Northwest’s favorite boating destinations. With fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and of course the Quilcene and Dabob oysters a sure delight. The waters warm and the nights serene.

In 1991 a few Quilcene Marina boaters were rafted up in a local spot we call Red Bluff. (Now we call it Yacht Club Point.) The day was hot and the water beckoned our call. As we enjoyed the day and conversation, the topic of yacht clubs came up. Was it possible to excite other local boaters and organize a club? We really didn’t think the idea would go anywhere, but it wasn’t long and the interest grew.

From the summer of 1991 to the early part of 1993 there were about a dozen people interested in the idea. We began monthly meetings where ever possible--peoples homes, on the docks and on our boats! We needed a name. We became the Quilcene Harbor Yacht Club, our hailing port.

The same summer some boaters from Brownsville Yacht Club were staying in the Quilcene Marina. Newly formed, we had little knowledge of what was needed. With the help of the Brownsville Yacht Club we were supplied with essential information to use as a beginning point. We gratefully thank them.

As we began to grow it was obvious we needed a clubhouse. In 1996 we were offered a site in town by Wally and Peggy Pederson--a large area above the post office, it was perfect. We could hold meetings, fundraisers, and numerous other functions. Our club was well on its way. We sponsored local students with a Q.H.Y.C. scholarship, and donations to the local Little League. A meaningful relationship had immerged with the community.

Later we corresponded with the Port of Port Townsend concerning the one and only building near the marina. As we found out the lease agreement with the private party was about to expire, we began negotiations with the Port, we spoke with Port Commissioners, and we did everything possible to let it be known that the Q.H.Y.C. would be the perfect candidate for leasing the facility.

In 1997 we had reached an agreement with the Port. We however didn’t realize what we were in for. The building needed a roof, paint, and many other upgrades. Through a lot of sweat and fundraisers, we had our completed club house! 


The building today is totally equipped with a full-size kitchen, bar, meeting area and dance floor. Outside a large two-tier deck, which faces the lawn, fire pit, and continues to the no bank waterfront.

We continue to enjoy the Hood Canal and Quilcene as our homeport. It has been a wonderful experience teaching our children and their children about safe boating, the environment and the thrill of boating. We’re a very young yacht club in a very old boating community. We continue to hope to grow with our membership.

We encourage all boaters to escape to the Hood Canal; it’s truly an unforgettable boating experience.


Q.H.Y.C. provides an atmosphere that the whole family will surely enjoy!

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